First we eat with senses.


First we eat with senses, we see the food, smell the aroma..and our tastebuds as well as our agni/appetite are stimulated. This begins the journey of food becoming our cells.
(Stir fry tofu and vegetables on rice)
AIWC Counselor class – module 2 : Ayurvedic Nutrition and Herbs
Module 1 – Sharir Kriya ( Ayurvedic Physiology)
Module 2 – Dravya Guna Karma ( Integrative nutrition & herbs)
Module 3- Vikruti Vidyana (Imbalance/disease management)


Ayurvedic Integrative Nutrition specific to US lifestyle. Stir fry vegetarian meal – cooked, warm and nourishing.


Home cooked meal with chapati bread, vegetable, dry chutney and ghee. Cells understand the love in food!

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