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First we eat with senses.


First we eat with senses, we see the food, smell the aroma..and our tastebuds as well as our agni/appetite are stimulated. This begins the journey of food becoming our cells.(Stir fry tofu and vegetables on rice)AIWC Counselor class – module 2 : Ayurvedic Nutrition and HerbsModule 1 – Sharir Kriya ( Ayurvedic Physiology)Module 2 –...

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Stays hydrated:Coconut water has a rejuvenating effect.

coconut water

Stays hydrated, though avoid carbonated, iced and caffeinated drinks. Prefer room temperature pure water, herbal teas, natural sweet fruit juices, Ayurveda especially recommends pomegranate and coconut water that pacify Pitta during summer season. Coconut water has a rejuvenating effect, also supplies electrolytes to the...

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The perfect spring food is HONEY.


 The perfect spring food is HONEY. Honey is beneficial for Kapha, it scrapes off mucus  from cellular wall. It is beneficial for Vata and Pitta too. Honey even if it is sweet,  actually helps for weight loss. Boiling, cooking or heating honey make it toxic. Hence one should avoid honey  roasted products. – Dr....

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Life is a relationship, the third relationship is Cellular relationship

Human cancer

Life is a relationship, the third relationship is Cellular relationship for PRANAS, TEJAS AND OJAS From doshic relationship the next relationship is subtler one and it is cellular. Pranas – The cellular respiration and communication, (Pure essence of VATA on CELL LEVEL) Tejas – The cellular intelligence (Pure essence of PITTA on CELL LEVEL) &...

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