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Workshop of the month – Annam – Food remedies on September 27th


Workshop of the month – Annam – Food remedies on September 27th.  90% of chronic diseases are created due to improper nutrition, this month we are CELEBRATING healing food remedies..come join the aroma and flavors that not only nourish physical health but also heal emotional craving. Dr. Lina will be presenting a DAY SEMINAR on...

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Living ayurvedic lifestyle is important step to benefit from Ayurveda wellness and healing.

meal 2

Dinner today- an ayurvedic meal of chapati bread, spicy cabbage, rice and daal (lentil) and beet salad. Living ayurvedic lifestyle is important step to benefit from Ayurveda wellness and...

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Whole Wheat Dumpling in Daal soup : Simple one dish meal (From my home kitchen)


Ingredients – For dumplings : 1 cup whole wheat flour, Salt to taste 1 tsp oil For more flavorful dumplings – You may add ½ tsp Coriander seed powder and ¼ tsp cayenne powder Make dough adding water slowly, not very soft. Apply some oil if sticky. Keep it covered. For Daal – 2/3 cup...

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Rice Kanji soup – Simple Basamati rice, cumin seeds and little ghee reset G I track.


Kanji Soup is a perfect soup that is easy on digestion, it provides complex carbohydrate that our nerve cells need to function and at same time gives break to GI TRACT. This is a  remedy one can include when fall season begins, air gets colder. Also it is good for that day when you just...

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Lime Rice – Simple Rice recipe for Summer.


Great for summer season, this recipe is tangy and flavorful.  It is a one dish meal and ideal for lunch box as well.   Ingredients – 2 cups boiled Basmati Rice 1/3rd cup lime/lemon Juice 3 Tbsp Oil 1/2 tsp Black Mustard seeds 1/2 tsp Cumin seeds 1-2 tbsp chana/mung daal Few curry leaves (Optional)...

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Beetroot and Potatoes Cutlet – simple and delicious snack

photo (3)_2

Easy, healthy and filling snack – This is one my favorite dish, you can practically combine any veggies in this recipe. Try this one for children and the red color will hide all veggies.  They will love the dish! A great substitute for burger, you may put it in the whole grain bun. Ingredients –...

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Cooking is a MEDITATION: Food nourishes body and MIND.(Just 2 steps)

Cook 1_2

A simple way to include meditation in your everyday routine is setting aside ONLY 20 -30 min for cooking. It is GREAT way of MEDITATION. Simple meal plan like steamed basmati rice, a lentil soup, sautéing fresh vegetables with khichari or Vata/ Pitta/Kapha spices, REALLY doesn’t take more than 20 min. Here are steps Step-...

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