3- 2-1 & the book got published today!


In California!3- 2-1 & the book got published today!Call 412 809 0999 for your signed copy.Integrative Wellness Healing Natural Organic Solutions For Total Health Transformation The POWER of Ayurveda in USA.With REAL case studies.My first book dedicated to my family, my CLIENTS and my teacher Late Vaidya Vilas Nanal. Soon will be available to buy...

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Ayurvedic Wisdom : Summer 2013 ‘Thirst Quench Special’ Newsletter

Rose tea

Dear friends of Ayurveda, our guests and readers,                  Welcome to Summer 2013!                   While you enjoy Summer Season, please consider to prepare for FALL season ahead as well…an authentic vaidya (ayurvedic healer) always understands that cooling Pitta remedies (too much) can bear roots of VATA aggravation for fall season.. So follow recommended healing PITTA pacifying...

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Ayurvedic Wisdom – Spring 2013 ‘Rejuvenation Special’ newsletter

beautiful girl lying down of grass. Copy space

Dear friends of Ayurveda, our guests and readers, welcome to  Spring, the Kapha season, a NATURE’S REJUVENATION season.    From mid-February to May, Kapha Season is when Mother Nature welcome’s NEW YEAR. This is the time to release the accumulated physical, mental or emotion toxins and RENEW to welcome new beginning. The higher Consciousness is expressed...

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The word LOVE itself is SWEET! In Ayurveda, TASTE represents not only qualities of food but it also expresses emotions. Hence as you think of LOVE there is a SWEET FEELING. I am sure everyone feels that. When you hear ‘LOVE YOU’ from your parents, spouse, kids and friends…you FEEL SWEET! We all LOVE this LOVE from our LOVED...

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Ayurvedic Wisdom – WINTER ‘FLU PREVENTION’ SPECIAL January 2013

cold and flu

Dear friends of Ayurveda, our guests and readers : Welcome to season of kapha, WINTER! Staying healthy during flu and cold season is very challenging hence for this enewsletter I decided to put together Ayurvedic natural remedies for prevention of cold and flu. Hence this edition I specially call as ‘Flu Prevention’ SPECIAL. You will find simple, practical yet...

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