Healing for Chidren

3- 2-1 & the book got published today!


In California!3- 2-1 & the book got published today!Call 412 809 0999 for your signed copy.Integrative Wellness Healing Natural Organic Solutions For Total Health Transformation The POWER of Ayurveda in USA.With REAL case studies.My first book dedicated to my family, my CLIENTS and my teacher Late Vaidya Vilas Nanal. Soon will be available to buy...

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Two excellent remedies for Upper Respiratory imbalance in Children.


Two excellent remedies for Upper Respiratory imbalance in children It is so disheartening to see children suffer with dangerous virus INFECTIONS. Ayurvedic perspective is children are in KAPHA phase of life. Kapha means water and earth components out of 5 elements. Hence children are in the mucus making phase of life. Hence mostly we see...

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Stays hydrated:Coconut water has a rejuvenating effect.

coconut water

Stays hydrated, though avoid carbonated, iced and caffeinated drinks. Prefer room temperature pure water, herbal teas, natural sweet fruit juices, Ayurveda especially recommends pomegranate and coconut water that pacify Pitta during summer season. Coconut water has a rejuvenating effect, also supplies electrolytes to the...

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