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3- 2-1 & the book got published today!


In California!3- 2-1 & the book got published today!Call 412 809 0999 for your signed copy.Integrative Wellness Healing Natural Organic Solutions For Total Health Transformation The POWER of Ayurveda in USA.With REAL case studies.My first book dedicated to my family, my CLIENTS and my teacher Late Vaidya Vilas Nanal. Soon will be available to buy...

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First we eat with senses.


First we eat with senses, we see the food, smell the aroma..and our tastebuds as well as our agni/appetite are stimulated. This begins the journey of food becoming our cells.(Stir fry tofu and vegetables on rice)AIWC Counselor class – module 2 : Ayurvedic Nutrition and HerbsModule 1 – Sharir Kriya ( Ayurvedic Physiology)Module 2 –...

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If it helps to assure you..there is NO shirt such as HAPPY MAN’S SHIRT!


Everyday we think others are in better position than us, We always think I am the one who is facing all the problems in the world. Many times during the stress, be it financial, emotional, physical, mental ..we always ask this question’ why me?’ The scholar called ‘Ramdas Swami’ CREATED beautiful mantras to discipline the...

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Warm shower is SO BENEFICIAL TO HEALTH, check out why?

water 1

Ayurvedic wisdom gives a GREAT tool called Dinacharya means daily regimen for PREVENTION of imbalance. While it is also much helpful to restore WELLNESS. One may be amazed that simple daily activities we do without knowing have great potential to protect health. Simple daily shower is STRENGTHENING to body. Here is sanskrit version Ushnambuadhah Kayasya...

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At work, at school or at any gathering..Group Meditation is GREAT!

Meditating business partners

At work, at school or at any gathering..Group Meditation is GREAT! Meditation sets the right energy field for positive and beneficial is work out come. When done is group, brings all the team on same level of consciousness and hence reduced stress as well as negative energies among members. Any group works needs it’s memebrs...

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