Dr. Lina

Lina 2Dr. (Vaidya) Lina Thakar

 Founder & Director

Ayurveda Practitioner

Panchakarma Specialist & Ayurvedic Nutritionist

A Wellness Provider for Integrated Medicine Program at Allegheny General Hospital

Commitee Member – National Ayurvedic Medical Association

20 years of extensive Ayurvedic Practice & Ayurvedic Teaching.

Been offering the remarkable and unique PANCHAKARMA program since 1993.

Many physicians are among Dr. Lina’s clients and taking Ayurvedic and Panchakarma therapies from Dr. Lina

  • As a licensed Ayurveda practitioner and healer, Dr. Lina brings the wisdom of Ayurveda to compose a holistic system for wellness and prevention, profound Ayurvedic therapies and a remarkable detox Panchakarma program. (* The most popular program ay Ayurveda Wellness Center & Holistic Spa)

Prior to moving to Pittsburgh, Dr. Lina was an Ayurveda practitioner in Pune, Maharashtra (India) from January 1993 to January 2003.

Since 1993, she has provided the gift of healing to thousands of men, women, and children—balancing, rejuvenating, as well as healing mind and body systems, even complementing treatments offered by conventional medical doctors.

As an Ayurveda practitioner, Dr. Lina has offered ayurvedic services in Pittsburgh since 2005 at various renowned institutes such as Himalayan Institute of Pittsburgh, Yoga On Center (2005-2007) as well as the Nuin Center (2008) in the Highland Park neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

Dr. Lina is a proud member of following organizations.

nama practitioner logo

Dr. Lina meets the currently established NAMA criteria for education and experience as a practitioner.


NAMA – National Ayurvedic Medical Association



Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America   Association of Ayurvedic Professional of North America

Dr. Lina believes that “One who enters into the heart of an individual with compassion and light of knowledge and tries to free them from all the physical and psychological problems is a true Ayurvedic physician.”



This blog is set for introducing prevention and wellness approach to avoid occurrence of future imbalances as well as help reduce existing health challenges with simple and natural tools such as wise food and lifestyle practices, safe and external cleansing practices , home remedies and herb support. The intention of this blog is also to address mental well-being by positive affirmation and stress managing tools such as meditation.

All posts are simple and intended for general public who can apply these tips in daily life practical way.

By no means this blog is set up for advance studies in Ayurveda, hence complicated Ayurveda terminology is not used.  There are plenty of Ayurveda books/texts and educational schools or resources for those who wish to seek ayurvedic education.

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The writer of this blog has bachelor’s degree in Ayurveda from Tilak Ayurveda College, Pune, India  The writer  is based in Pittsburgh , PA ,USA.  She is practicing Ayurveda for 20 years now.

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